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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (R2R2R) 

5.12 Crusher

Colorado 14K Peak Conqueror


Don’t let his book smarts and glasses fool you, Logan is as much of a mountain goat as you can get in human form! After Logan’s Grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he decided to raise awareness by challenging himself to summit all 14K foot peaks in Colorado in just 10 months. He also completed the Grand Canyon R2R2R, a task not even mountain goats are interested in. Logan is motivated to explore all the beautiful landscapes this country has to offer and to experience them in the incredibly visceral and primal way that only running can bring. He’s driven to see where and how far his body can take him; no matter the challenge. Powered by Wasatch Nectar, we know he’ll go far!






Four Season Athlete

Skier, Mountain Runner, Climber

Outdoor Lover


Growing up among the lakes and hills of Northern Michigan, Madison realized at a young age that she was made for the mountains. As soon as she moved to Salt Lake City to pursue her goals of becoming a professional skier, she knew she’d found her home in the Wasatch. Salt Lake City has enabled her to challenge and hone her skills in the outdoors, as well as expand her knowledge and maximize her mountain time through climbing, mountain running, and backcountry skiing. No matter the weather, no matter the season, she takes advantage of it all. When Madison’s not in the mountains, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen baking her favorite sweet treats! We can’t wait to see what recipe Madison cooks up with our honey and which summit she’ll be enjoying her Wasatch treat on next.


@madisonnnrose; www.madisonnnrose.com




Health Advocate

Honey Lover

Running Addict


If anyone has it figured out, it’s this gal! Managing stress and life’s challenges comes a lot easier with a healthy outlet. Stephanie found this out when she picked up running. Focusing on injury prevention and training smart, she’s certainly found her niche. Rather than focusing so much on time and distance, she aims to embrace the journey, with the goal of enjoying each mile! Inspiring others to get out and be active is Stephanie’s passion. Using Wasatch Nectar to fuel her active days, she will certainly maintain her health and keep her cool!





Couloir Chaser 

Mont Blanc Dweller

Trad (sketchy run out) Climber


Beata was born to be in the mountains and can’t imagine her life any other way. From skiing down glaciers in the Alps to climbing the iconic red rock of southern Utah, Beata is happiest after long days in the mountains with great partners, feeding her adventurous soul. Constantly seeking out her next adventure, Beata loves exploring new cultures, landscapes, and building friendships that will last a lifetime. Her open, loving, and free spirit are the embodiment of Wasatch Nectar and we are honored to be a constant companion fueling her on all of her adventures!






DNF? DNwhat? Never heard of it.

Tuscon High 5 Hero

Mt Lemmon Master


We’re not sure Ben knows the word “quit” exists. Not only has he been lost on a 100 mile ultra course and ran an extra 9 miles, but he’s also had a bug bite turning into a full blown, septic staph infection during another ultra. However, Ben has always managed to cross the finish line. His drive for progress, growth, and improvement and the prospect of seeing hard work manifest into positive outcomes is exactly why Wasatch Nectar and Ben are a perfect fit. We can’t wait to see how Ben will inspire all levels of ultra runners just as they inspire him.


@breakthemountain; www.breakingthemountain.com

Wasatch Nectar Pro

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