About Wasatch Nectar

Raw Honey

When I started Wasatch Nectar...

I was on a hike on a hot summer day after my spring harvest of honey when I came up with my brilliant idea of using my own honey to make a sports supplement to provide the needed sugars and electrolytes for athletes. I was getting tired of using overly processed supplements with added sugars for my work outs. I then formulated my product with just the right balance of electrolytes with the right amount of honey.  After trying it out on trails and having many friends rave about it, I decided to package this product for other athletes to enjoy.  

Wasatch Nectar uses only raw honey sourced locally from the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah with naturally derived electrolytes. We are committed to bring you the most nutritious, healthy and delicious energy supplement. Whether it be skiing, climbing, hiking, running, or biking, Wasatch Nectar will provide the energy and nutrition you need.